Burma (Myanmar)

Burma is part of the Asia group , which includes India, China, Mongolia, Japan, the Korean peninsula, Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands. Australia and New Zealand, though geographically close, are treated separately because their history as European settler societies has led to unique implications with regard to understandings of the Holocaust.

BURMA (MYANMAR).  Burma has held Holocaust remembrance events as of 2012.  In January 2012 the Burmese government, the United Nations, and Yad Vashem co-sponsored a Holocaust commemoration program. The follow-up seminar in Rangoon “provided many teens and young adults in Burma with rare first hand insight into the Holocaust.” 

The Burmese  civilian populations suffered atrocities under Japanese occupation during World War II; these events could make for an interesting connection to the European Holocaust. Further, the 2012 establishment of a National Human Rights Commission to shed light on human rights abuses under the military dictatorship has made international observers cautiously optimistic about the prospect of a more liberal public forum.  The Holocaust might be relevant to such a discussion.
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