Population – 190,291,129
Jewish Population – 200 (< 0.01%)

Government-Related Holocaust Education/Information

Ministry of Education – A national curriculum could not be located. According to the Ministry’s 2009 National Education Policy document, the reformed curriculum should emphasize human rights education, peace education, and inter-faith harmony because the aims of education include promoting cross-cultural and inter-religious respect, a commitment to democratic values and fundamental rights.  

Pakistan has a National Commission for UNESCO. 

General Holocaust Education/Information

The Bani Israel graveyard is a Jewish cemetery in Kirachi, Pakistan which is part of the larger Mewa Shah Cemetery.

The Magain Shalom Synagogue was once home to a small but vibrant Jewish community in Kirachi, Pakistan, but it was demolished in the 1988 to make way for a shopping center.




GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES ON HOLOCAUST EDUCATION: Country updates 2014, published ahead of the Salzburg Global Seminar session Holocaust and Genocide Education: Sharing Experience Across Borders

Download PDF


Weil, Shalva. “The History and Disappearance of the Jewish Presence in Pakistan.” International Relations and Security Network. n.p. 11 June. 2011


Fawad Javaid, a multi-time Salzburg Global Fellow, is a lecturer of Pakistan studies at Kohat University of Science and Technology. He has attended the fourth program of the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change (2010), Holocaust and Genocide Education: Sharing Experience Across Borders (2014), Learning from the Past: Promoting Pluralism and Countering Extremism (2016), Learning from the Past: Sharing Experiences across Borders to Combat Extremism (2017)

At Kohat University, Fawad continues to educate his students about the Holocaust and the circumstances that can lead to human rights abuses. Through an offer by Navras Jaat Afreedi, Fawad had planned to co-edit Weekly Press Pakistan, a Canadian magazine meant to open more Jewish-Muslim dialogue and discussion on Holocaust education. However, his email was hacked and he began to be monitored, as Navras is Indian. Concerned about the privacy of the editor of the magazine, Fawad left the project. He worked on a paper on Holocaust denial and minimization in Pakistan for Café Dissensus. 

Fawad attended a workshop in London to develop his HEGP-related activities which he is implementing in the Tribal Regions of Pakistan (and Afghanistan). He is also continuing to implement another study commissioned by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, which materialized as a result of connections Fawad built at Salzburg Global. Relevant to this current study is a piece of work he published in 2016 titled Holocaust Denial in Pakistan: An Appraisal.

Fawad said, "I am coming across some very happy and other mixed-to-disturbing findings about the Jewish-Muslim relations questions and the possible strategies to improve ties between the two internationally. I hope to complete this report by the end of December and share its findings with you as well. I got all these important contacts and opportunities to work on these profound subjects through the offices of... Salzburg Global [Seminar]."




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