Population – 170,123,740
Jewish Population – 800 (< 0.01%)

Government-Related Holocaust Education/Information

Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council – The Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council recently launched a new national curriculum titled, “Senior Secondary Education Curriculum,” aimed at producing secondary school graduates who are well-prepared for higher education as well as having relevant functional trade and entrepreneurship skills needed for poverty eradication, job creation, and wealth generation.  This curriculum could not be located, but it is known that the subjects of history and social studies are not compulsory.  At the primary level, Nigeria uses the Universal Basic Education Commission.  Nigeria does not mandate the teaching of the Holocaust.

Nigeria has a National Commission for UNESCO.

National Human Rights Commission – The National Human Rights Commission of Nigeria was established by the National Human Rights Act of 1995.  It was created for the promotion and protection of Human Rights.

General Holocaust Education/Information

The Jewish Community includes a number of foreign employees of international firms who reside in Abuja.  They worship at one central Synagogue.  There also exists a large population of Igbo or “Benei-Yisrael” Jews who are said to have migrated from Syria, Portugal, and Libya, and descended from the original tribes of Israel.  They have 26 synagogues throughout the country.

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A Salzburg Global-inspired program to promote pluralism and tackle extremism across Africa has launched in Nigeria.

Starting on September 26, students and faculty at American University of Nigeria (AUN) Academy in Yola, Nigeria, took part in the Change Makers Leadership Program, a week-long training program focusing on teaching leadership skills among 15 to 18-year-old African students. Watch a video summary below and read the full article here.