Population – 4,366,266
Jewish Population – Unknown

Government-Related Holocaust Education/Information

Ministry of Education – A national curriculum could not be located. The Republic of the Congo (ROC) does not mandate the teaching of the Holocaust.

The Republic of the Congo has a National Commission for UNESCO.

National Human Rights Commission – In January 2002, the National Assembly of the Republic of the Congo adopted a law creating a national human rights commission, as stipulated by the country’s new constitution.  Included in the national commission’s mandate is country-wide human rights education efforts for all levels of society, support for human rights research, promotion of human rights understanding among elected officials and police authorities, and provision of a forum for dialogue among all public and private actors interested in human rights.

General Holocaust Education/Information

There is no established Jewish Community in the ROC.

United Nations Information Center (UNIC) – In 2008, the UNIC Brazzaville organized an information session for high school history teachers on the history of the causes and consequences of genocide, and ways in which to fight racism, intolerance and exclusion.  In 2010, the UNIC Brazzaville mounted a three day Holocaust exhibit and screened the educational video “Footprints.”  Over 1,000 high school and university students participated in the activity.