Population – 20,129,878
Jewish Population – 12 (< 0.01%)

Government-Related Holocaust Education/Information

Ministry of Youth and Civic Education – A national curriculum could not be located.  The government of Cameroon does not mandate the teaching of the Holocaust.  However, Cameroon does include “citizenship” as a subject in its curriculum.  Within this subject there are lessons on “The Notion of Peace” which reference peace, war, dictatorship, and Human Rights. 

Cameroon has a National Commission for UNESCO.

National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms (NCHRF) – According to Law No. 2004/016 of July 22, 2004, Cameroon established the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms which works as an independent institution for consultation, monitoring, dialogue, concerted action, promotion and protection in the area of human rights.

General Holocaust Education/Information

There is no established Jewish Community in Cameroon.

Cameroon Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CCDHR) – Established in 2006, the CCDHR is a non-governmental organization dedicated to improving and transforming the Cameroonian society and fostering respect for human dignity through innovative research, practice, and programs.

United Nations Information Center (UNIC) – On January 26 and 27, 2012, the UNIC, Yaounde, hosted two educational outreach events in Bameda, Cameroon.  On January 26, the UNIC held a media briefing expressing the value of Holocaust education, and on January 27, they held a film screening and discussion for high school students.  On February 7, 2012, the UNIC, Yaounde, hosted an educational outreach on Holocaust Remembrance Day at Franky Secondary School.