Salzburg Statements

Fellows of sessions with the Salzburg Global Seminar multi-year series, Health and Health Care Innovation, have repeatedly come together to co-create "Salzburg Statements".

While each addressing different topics specific to the session at which they were drafted, Salzburg Statements have two key purposes:

  1. To raise awareness of the vital issues it covers with policy makers and people of influence
  2. To be an advocacy tool for minority and marginalized groups around the world

Salzburg Statements from the Health and Health Care Innovation series include:

The Salzburg Statement on Moving Measurement into Action: Global Principles for Measuring Patient Safety

The Salzburg Statement on Confronting Power and Privilege for Inclusive, Equitable and Healthy Communities

The Salzburg Statement on How Cities Can Promote Genuinely Inclusive Economies

The Salzburg Statement on Creating Community-Owned Narratives for Healthy Local Economies

The Salzburg Statement on Vaccination Acceptance

The Salzburg Statement on Innovations in Dementia Care and Dementia-Friendly Communities

The Salzburg Statement on Realizing the Promise of Data in Health Care

The Salzburg Global Statement - New Paradigms for Behavioral and Mental Health


All Salzburg Statements are available to read, download and share. We encourage their disemmination and if you choose to share any of our Statements with a wider audience, such as at a conference, in an article, etc., please do let us know: email John Lotherington, Program Director.