The Health and Health Care Innovation series puts people and communities at the heart of systems transformation for healthy societies. Through expanding partnerships, the series works with public and private sector decision makers to enhance strategic leadership and foresight, prioritizing patients’ wants and needs in health care and empowering citizens to lead healthier lives.

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Salzburg Global Seminar has long been a leading forum for the exchange of ideas on issues in health and health care affecting countries throughout the world. At these meetings agendas have been re-set affecting policy and practice in crucial areas, such as patient safety and the engagement of patients in medical decision making. In 2010, Salzburg Global Seminar launched a multi-year series of seminars to crystallize new approaches to global health and health care in the face of emerging challenges affecting us now and set to continue on through the coming generation.

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How Can Science-Informed Design Empower the Cities of Tomorrow?

Salzburg Global Seminar proud to be a partner of Conscious Cities Festival 2019, bringing together leading experts, practitioners and the general public to explore how to create healthier and more inclusive cities

Health Fellows Launch Two Salzburg Statements and Fellow Recommendations

Publications stem from program on "Bridging Worlds: How Can We Use Business and Economic Development Strategies to Support Better Health?"

Fellow Recommendations: Spark Conversations to Protect People’s Future Well-Being

Salzburg Global Fellows launch project insisting more needs to be done than just describing the problem

Doing “Good in the World” and Improving Health Care

President Emeritus at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Donald Berwick, reflects on his Salzburg experiences and the power of patients’ voices

Moving Patient Safety Measurement into Action

Patient safety advocate Susan Edgman-Levitan speaks on the importance of patients’ perspective in health care

Mariam Kamoga Namata: The Action Starts with Us

Executive director calls for chain reaction to promote patient safety from the grassroots up

Taking into Consideration Physical and Psychological Safety Both for Patients, Staff and Clinicians

Charles Vincent, clinical psychologist explains the importance of measuring physical and psychological safety for patients and staff

Moving Measurement into Action: Designing Global Principles for Measuring Patient Safety

Latest program in Health and Health Care Innovation multi-year series to focus on taking patient safety to "the next level"

5 Risks the World Needs to Get Real About

From climate change to the erosion of trust, the world is facing many challenges. Before we can find solutions we need to well-understand the problems

Salzburg Global Fellows Call for New Efforts to Promote Vaccination Acceptance

Principal authors of Salzburg Statement will create International Working Group on Vaccination and Public Health Solutions
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