Past Program

Nov 25 - Nov 30, 2000

Globalization and the University: A Perspective on the Baltic Sea Region


The overarching theme of the 2000 symposia has been globalization and its effects on universities. (The term "university" should be understood as shorthand for the increasingly broad spectrum of higher education institutions, or HEIs. These terms are used largely interchangeably in this report.) The symposia have examined the phenomenon through the prism of the five Universities Projects topics:


1. University management and finance

2. Academic structure and governance within the university

3. Meeting student needs

4. Technology in higher education

5. The role of the university in the emerging civil society


The symposium in November concluded the series on “Globalization and the University” with perspectives on the Baltic Sea Region. Specifically, the symposium explored the potential of the universities in this region to be promoters and incubators of social change, economic innovation, and European integration as viewed through the prism of the Globalization theme.