Past Program

Jun 14 - Jun 21, 2004

Reinventing the West: Redefining the Transatlantic Relationship

Session 418


Does "the West" still exist? Between 1989 and 2003, have we moved from a world with two Europes and one West, to a world with one Europe but two "Wests", an American West and a European West?

Recent events have called traditional transatlantic alliances into question, placing them under intense scrutiny and challenge. Although America and Europe share common responsibilities, common values, and common interests, more than ever, they seem divided by a growing sense of political and cultural difference. How deep are these divisions and how can they be overcome? How might "the West" be reimagined and reinvented to address the urgent challenges of global poverty, political violence and social instability?

This session will examine current transatlantic tensions and their effect on multilateral cooperation, their impact on political and security arrangements in Europe and elsewhere, and their implications for global trade and economic development.