Past Program

Aug 17 - Aug 22, 2002

Globalization and the Development of Transnational Legal Services


will convene an international group of practitioners in Salzburg, Austria. Among the topics to be addressed in this session are the following:


  • Law firm governance techniques to respond to problems highlighted by increasing risk management demands
  • The role and responsibility of inside and outside counsel to implement the checks and balances corporate governance models impose to assure that company management works for the benefit of the company and its shareholders. Who defines the company’s interests? To what extent must counsel make sure that all relevant information has been made available to the appropriate corporate decision maker?
  • Building and managing the large global law firm
  • Building and managing the corporate legal staff of a global enterprise
  • The role for the non-global law firm
  • Has the Arthur Anderson experience killed the movement toward the multi-disciplinary practice?
  • Implications of the increasingly business-like character of law practice on the public service obligations of the profession
  • Needed changes in the rules governing the legal profession (e.g. conflicts of interest), including the issue of whose rules govern a global practice
  • Changes in legal education by law schools and continuing legal education programs demanded by the growth of global practice

This session, designed as a conference of peers, will bring together law firm partners and senior corporate lawyers who will shape the practice of law in the twenty-first century. The Faculty, which represents a variety of experience, will make presentations raising issues for discussion in depth by the seminar participants in plenary and breakout sessions.

Fee and Application Information:

The fee for this session is $3000, which includes accommodation and meals at Schloss Leopoldskron. An application form and CV should be emailed to Admissions at or faxed to +43 662 839837. Applications may also be submitted online.

Participation in the session is limited to 50. Early application is encouraged. If you are accepted, a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 USD will be required to secure your place at the session. You will be notified within two weeks of the receipt of your application if you are accepted. Full payment of the balance of the fee will be required by August 1, 2002.

For those accompanied by a spouse or partner, an additional fee of $325 includes accommodations and meals.