Past Program

Jun 17 - Jun 24, 1998

The Challenges of an Aging Society

Session 357


The unprecedented increase in the number and proportion of older persons throughout the world is forcing societies to alter social policies and attitudes about aging and longevity. The first in a three-year series dedicated to aging populations, this session will examine many of the current challenges and opportunities aging populations bring to bear on societies, as well as those that are foreseen for the coming century.


With an emphasis on transforming the fears and myths of a potential demographic catastrophe into the triumph of survivorship of an expanding older population, this session will explore how societies might afford the increasing numbers of older persons, given the great economic costs of social protection and healthcare. Discussions will address concerns about a growing stagnation of the economy, a general loss of societal vitality, and potential intergenerational conflicts, all consequent to an increase in the aging population.