Past Program

Mar 19 - Mar 26, 2003

Professional Responsibility in the News Media


The Committee to Protect Journalists recently reported that 37 journalists were killed and 118 imprisoned in 2001. The numbers represent an alarming continuation of a pattern of attacks on the press, providing a grim reminder that freedom to report, publish, and broadcast comes at a high price in many parts of the world. In many emerging democracies the safeguards for protecting the press and assuring free and open discourse are typically repressed or ignored by the reigning powers. In other countries there are economic, social, or political pressures that can compromise media reporting.

This session will explore the circumstances in which the press is in peril. Discussions will examine how the press itself might begin to counter such repression through establishing standards for ethical and professional behavior in carrying out journalistic responsibilities. Participants will be asked to contribute ideas for addressing repressive circumstances in their own countries as well as influencing greater openness and journalistic freedom in countries where it does not exist.