Past Program

Jul 02 - Jul 09, 2003

Capitalizing on our Differences: Leadership Across Cultural Boundaries and Geographic Borders in a Global Society


Even as international trade and technological innovation are helping to create a global society, the world seems at the same time to be more fragmented and divided. As we struggle with diversity, we are often tempted to forego inclusiveness to create more exclusive special interest groups invested with deeply held and often competing beliefs and values. How can we develop genuine and sustained mechanisms to foster greater understanding and social cohesion for people with diverse values, perspectives, needs and strengths?


The specific implications for leadership are not clear as we reflect on these trends and changes. One thing, however, is certain: the kind of leadership needed today and in the future is and will be dramatically different from leadership approaches of the past. Leaders will need to see the world differently, cognizant of the rapid changes taking place and with a deeper understanding of the strengths to be found in our differences. The session will explore various strategies and methods from around the world for capitalizing on our differences and our diversity as we move toward an understanding of a “new multiculturalism” in our increasingly global society.