Past Program

Feb 18 - Feb 25, 2004

Ethics in News Reporting and Editing


In recent years, the news media have come to face an increasing

number of social, political, technological, and economic pressures: the

response of the media to the challenges and opportunities of the

internet; the conduct of the media during war; the relationship between

the media and government, especially in terms of national security; the

evolving nature both of audience and advertisers both at the domestic

and global levels. All of this affects the way news is reported and edited.


As part of the Seminar's ongoing series on the professional and ethical

responsibilities of print, television, and digital media, this session will

explore these issues in light of recent developments, focusing on

individual cases that highlight issues of general concern. The Faculty and

Fellows will explore the implications of these developments both for the

practice of their profession as well as the impact on their audiences.

Some of the issues to be explored will include the relationship between

the British Broadcasting Corporation and the British government; the

emergence of the satellite broadcaster, Al Jazeera, and the impact of its

editorial policies both at the regional and global level; and the role of

national newspapers and magazines within the context of an

increasingly globalized news media.


The fee for this session is US$5,000 not including travel. The fee covers the cost of the program, accommodations, and meals.


Limited financial aid is available and is awarded based on need. Applicants who believe they qualify for assistance should explain their circumstances in a letter, which should be submitted with their application.