Past Program

Nov 28 - Dec 01, 2004

Education, Civil Society and Sustainability in Transition Countries: Looking Back; Going Forward


On November 28 - December 1, 2004, the Salzburg Seminar will conduct a conference in Salzburg entitled Education, Civil Society and Sustainability in Transition Countries. This conference will bring together senior administrators who are engaged in youth, civil society and higher education projects in Russia, CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe and Caucasus, particularly, private and public grantmakers as well as representatives of Ministries of Education, European Council, European Parliament, and university leadership.


This event will provide a forum for the exchange of best practices as well as a creative opportunity to discuss what has been accomplished in this region thus far, what is going on at the moment that is especially promising, and how, going forward, various interested parties can be helpful to each other.