Past Program

Dec 09 - Dec 16, 2004

China and the Global Economy


Greater China is quickly evolving into a major economic force in the global economy. This session will examine how China's economic coming of age has affected the Asian region, and the world as a whole. What has been the impact of China's WTO accession? How has the Chinese policy of creating "clusters of excellence," such as the greater Pearl River Delta and greater Shanghai, developed China's competitiveness? How have Hong Kong and China Mainland developed positive synergies aimed at beneficial growth and robust development for both? What are the economic synergies and competitiveness between China and India, and how has Chinese economic growth changed Sino-U.S. relations?


The fee for this session is US$5,000 not including travel. The fee covers the cost of the program, accommodations, and meals.


Limited financial aid is available and is awarded based on need. Applicants who believe they qualify for assistance should explain their circumstances in a letter, which should be submitted with their application