Past Program

Mar 05 - Mar 12, 2005

International Study Program - Global Citizenship: America and the World (Miami-Dade College)


In an age of new international tensions and shifting global alliances, the need for

Americans to understand international affairs, to recognize cultural values other than their

own, and to view world events from a variety of perspectives, has become increasingly



In response to this need, the Salzburg Seminar has developed the International

Study Program (ISP). The purpose of the program is to provide an intensive seven-day

international experience for students, faculty and administrators of U.S. colleges and universities to explore pressing issues of global concern and to view such issues from a perspective outside the United States. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills to better understand and interpret the international political order, the global economy, and worldwide social developments. It is intended that this program will make students more aware of global issues and of what it means to be a "global citizen", more discerning in their assessment of

information pertaining to world affairs, and more understanding of America's place in the

world as well as of non-Americans' perceptions of the US.