Past Program

Apr 09 - Apr 13, 2005

RHEP 04 - University Research Management and Support: Creating the Framework


The Russian Higher Education Program is a joint program with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.


In the knowledge-based society and economy, research has become a vital function of a modern university. To respond to new challenges and opportunities that university research is currently facing, effective research management is an imperative. This issue is of special relevance to Russian universities which have recently joined the Bologna process and are now developing an integrated strategy to establish themselves as internationally competitive, research-intensive institutions.


The Salzburg Seminar symposium will explore issues and trends in university research management, and reflect on policies and actions needed to develop an instrumental framework of support for research-management in Russian universities. Overall, this symposium will develop around three central themes:


1. Research-impacting forces and their implications for research strategic management;

2. Internal structures and processes for university research management;

3. Current issues on research management for Russian universities.


In this framework, the symposium will explore external factors effecting university-based research, consider crucial issues in the development of efficient research strategy, and exchange views on challenges encountered by Russian universities in the process of strengthening their research-management capacity. Special attention will be paid to the analysis of operating Research and Education Centers (RECs) and Centers for Advanced Studies and Education (CASEs) in terms of the elaboration of relevant strategy for their ongoing development in this current time of moderization for Russian higher education.