Past Program

Dec 14 - Dec 18, 2005

RHEP 05 - Universities and Regional Development: Effectively Managing Research and Innovations


Universities have emerged as central actors in the knowledge-based economy. No longer confined to their traditional roles of teaching and conducting primary research, they are increasingly viewed as key drivers of innovation and crucial agents of regional development. While the presence of strong universities and polytechnics itself is not sufficient to spur regional advancement, it can make significant contribution to this process. In a supportive regional environment, universities can be powerful drivers, technology centers, developers, investors, and innovation accelerators. The issue is how to foster the regional role of higher education institutions (HEIs), particularly by boosting their innovation and research capacity.


While seeking to advance regional economies and strengthen the role of HEIs as centers for innovation and research, the Russian government has made great strides in developing an infrastructure supportive to innovations (technology parks, incubators, innovation centers) and has set some basic rules to encourage investment and entrepreneurship. Nonetheless, Russia still needs to make a concentrated effort to build efficient innovation systems and develop mechanisms that foster the involvement of universities within their regional communities.


This symposium of the Salzburg Seminar will consider challenges involved in increasing the effectiveness of Russian universities in their regional role through effective management of research and innovation, and reflect on policies and actions needed to advance local environments that are conducive to innovation. From this perspective, the symposium will analyze international experience in establishing regional research and innovation strategies; discuss the issues of shifting universities to responsive and innovative modes, both in terms of external relationships and internal operations; examine the implications of an effective legal environment for university engagement and regional advancement; and consider current trends in research management and training.



Participation in this symposium is by invitation only. This conference will be a meeting of peers, bringing together academic leadership, governmental authorities, higher education leadership, representatives of business, industry and international organizations, as well as policy makers from the Russian Federation, Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and North America.


Date and Venue: December 14-18, 2005; Congress-Hotel "Don-Plaza", Rostov-on-Don, Bolshaya Sadovaya 115, Russia