Past Program

Nov 17, 2015

The Immigration Crisis: A Preview of Things to Come?


The issues of migration and cross-border conflict are deep in Salzburg Global's DNA. We have spent the last 68 years bringing together people from across borders and sectors to address systemic global challenges and to forge lasting solutions. Now, in advance of a larger session on the topic, which will take place in Salzburg next year, we began a conversation in Washington.

The program had two parts, as two separate panels.

Panel I:

“People on the Move: Can governments cope with mass migration, with their own electorates?”

The focus was on the current migrant crisis, which poses one of the biggest challenges for Western governments since World War II, and the role of public and private players in finding a resolution.

Panel II:

“Making Room for Migrants: Are There Ways to Capitalize for the Good of All?”

The panelists explored how countries agreeing to receive migrants might turn this situation into an opportunity - to strengthen their societies and labor forces, via successful integration.


Please find below podcasts containing selected excerpts from the two panels.