Past Program

Apr 28 - May 03, 2007

From Lab to Market: Accelerating Innovation through University, Business, and Government Partnership


The changes brought about by globalization, the impact of information technologies, and the need to find the best ways to bring innovations to the marketplace require new dynamics of interaction between universities, business and government. Accordingly, institutions worldwide are looking for the most efficient ways to organize and manage these relations, both at the strategic and operational management level. This session will explore the most effective models of university-business-government collaboration for fostering technology transfer and commercialization.


Focusing on a series of case studies, this session will highlight cutting-edge interface models that advance conditions for market-driven innovations and, thereby, facilitate the movement of basic research to commercial application. Particular emphasis will be placed on exploring efficient mechanisms to manage the benefits and risks in the strategic alliances. Overall, this session will be an opportunity for corporate sector representatives, policymakers, government officials, and academics to get an overview of the density of collaborative efforts and the dynamics of technology transfer between Europe, Asia, India and North America. The program will also provide a unique opportunity for the cross-border and cross-sectoral exploration of innovative collaborative models with regional and global capacity.


The fee for this session is 3,000 EURO. The fee covers the cost of the program, accommodations, and meals.

Limited scholarship funding may be available for those who are unable to pay the full fee (i.e. from developing countries or NGOs). Participants seeking scholarship assistance must submit an application for financial aid to our admissions office.