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May 25 - Jun 01, 2014

Global Citizenship: Ethics and Engagement


Tomorrow's leaders must think and act as global citizens in order to address the challenges facing humanity. Broadly defined, global citizens are people who are consciously prepared to live and work in the complex interdependent society of the 21st century and contribute to improving the common global welfare of our planet and its inhabitants.

The program aims to engage participating students as global citizens, helping them develop the knowledge, skills, values, and commitment to: 

  • Understand the nature of globalization, including its positive and negative impacts around the world, and realize how it is transforming human society;
  • Appreciate the diversity of humanity in all of its manifestations, from local to global, and interact with different groups of people to address common concerns;
  • Recognize the critical global challenges that are compromising humanity's future and see how their complexity and interconnections make solutions increasingly difficult; and
  • Collaborate with different sets of stakeholders, by thinking globally and acting locally, to resolve these critical challenges and build a more equitable and sustainable world.

The session format includes lectures and discussions with an international faculty as well as formal and informal work in small groups. Topics addressed in plenary lectures and discussions include globalization and global responsibility; the social, economic, and political aspects of migration; the historical legacy of the Holocaust, human rights, humanitarian intervention; sustainable development; and the implications of the United States' influence around the world.

Participants will consider how these issues relate to their current situations and future personal, educational, and professional plans. They will also have the opportunity to develop projects and activities related to the session topic that can be implemented at their colleges and universities, in their local communities, and beyond.