Past Program

Nov 18 - Nov 23, 1999

Globalization and the University: A Leadership Development Seminar


The overarching theme of the 1999 symposia has been globalization and its effects on institutions. (The term "university" should be understood as shorthand for the increasingly broad spectrum of higher education institutions.) The symposia have examined this phenomenon through the prism of the five Universities Projects topics:

  1. University management and finance
  2. Academic structure and governance within the university
  3. Meeting student needs
  4. Technology in higher education
  5. The role of the university in the emerging civil society

Discussion at this final 1999 symposium built upon themes discussed at the January, April and October symposia, but with a new emphasis. Rather than focus on issues of immediate concern to present university leadership, the symposium looked at the implications of current trends for the future of higher education. Reflecting the new emphasis, 10 faculty led the 46 fellows--chosen from the ranks of the next generation of university leaders--through an intensive program of plenary sessions and working groups. In all, 16 countries in Europe, the Russian Federation and North America were represented.