Past Program

Dec 04, 1999

China and the Global Community


The sustained process of modernization and reform in China during the past decade has dramatically altered the domestic landscape and, consequently, China's role in the region and the world. These changes have significant implications for the international community and warrant thoughtful examination of the nature of Chinese culture as well as its economic, political, and social structures. The aim of this session is to allow participants to gain a better understanding of China's domestic affairs and its relationship with neighboring countries and other global powers, and in so doing, provide insights into China's emergence as a major regional and global actor in the twenty-first century.


Particular attention will be paid to the following issues: the future of China's economic reform and development, and its impact on regional and global trade and investment; the likely evolution of China's political and legal systems; China's policies toward the development and import of technology, and technology's contribution to China's emergence as a major economic and military power; China's role in regional and global security issues; and the implications of China's industrial and economic development on the domestic and global environment.