Past Program

Mar 21 - Mar 28, 2001

Europe in the Global Community: Economics, Diplomacy, and Security


Is Europe now on its way to becoming a unified global player in economics, politics, and security? The origins of modern European cooperation occurred in the realm of economics, where it has now achieved its highest expression with the introduction of a common currency. Yet the emergence of the euro has not been without problems. This session will consider the state of the euro’s introduction, and explore what the reactions on the Continent and globally imply about the future of European cooperation in the realm of economics. Trade issues and Europe’s competitiveness in the global economy will also be examined under this rubric.


If economics has been the strong suit of European unification, diplomacy and security have traditionally been among the weaker links. This session will also examine, then, on-going efforts to strengthen the ability of Europeans to act with one voice in matters of foreign affairs. Special attention will be given to prospects for a common defense policy and united security identity, and how NATO might influence these efforts. Running throughout will be attention to the impact of prospective European enlargement on all these questions. Ultimately, the purpose of the session -- the latest in the Seminar’s long-running series on European affairs -- is to examine how the entire mix of issues (economic and non-economic) works together to shape the future of Europe’s common identity and its role in the world.


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