Past Program

Sep 26 - Oct 03, 2001

The Social and Economic Determinants of the Public's Health


In every society, there exist discrepancies in the state of health of various segments of its population. These disparities are due in great part to myriad social and economic factors, such as unequal access to economic resources, education, social support systems, and adequate living conditions. Just as access to proper medical facilities are essential to the public's health, so too are adequate sanitation, proper education, secure living conditions, and a safe social environment. In an attempt to address issues that negatively affect the public’s health, such as racism and poverty, many communities are seeking to implement new and innovative programs and policies.


This session will seek to identify strategies and programs that are having a demonstrable and positive impact on the public’s health in marginalized and underserved communities in diverse regions of the world. The session participants will gain insight into the similarities and differences in diverse societies, and will seek to determine those solutions which best meet the needs of their community.

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