Past Program

Oct 06 - Oct 13, 2001

Technology and the Integrated Classroom


This American Studies Center workshop will explore the implications of current technology for teaching and learning about the United States. The venue for the electronic component of the program will be the Seminar’s new state-of-the-art computer laboratory. The session will feature an “integrated classroom” as a practical learning environment with a full range of traditional and advanced tools, including on-line interactive research, video conferencing, and distributive learning, to assist in the discussion of key American Studies topics. Technology will be used, however, in such a way that the emphasis remains on the topical content rather than on hardware and software. Project work will include WebQuests, exploration of American Studies Crossroads, electronic resourcing and the use of “” to design lessons and presentations.

Convening university teachers of English and American Studies who have access to the World Wide Web and are interested in combining American Studies content with the use of technology in the classroom, this workshop will also include an ongoing discussion of the rewards, challenges, and implications that the new technologies pose for education in general and American Studies in particular.


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