Past Program

Nov 14 - Nov 21, 2001

Environment, Energy, and Economics in Asia


Asia is economically among the fastest growing regions in the world, and the challenge of maintaining high growth rates while developing measures to protect the environment is confronted by virtually all governmental and corporate sectors in the region. Energy policy, energy needs and alternative energy sources are key to the challenge of continued economic expansion, while still protecting the environment.

This session will begin by discussing the tensions and trade-offs in maintaining an acceptable balance between economic development and environmental protection. It will particularly examine energy policy and developmental issues in the Asian region, as well as linkages to environmental and economic concerns. Discussions will focus on not only the challenges, but also the opportunities for cooperation in energy efficiency technologies, and renewable energy sources both regionally and globally. Discussion will also highlight the merits and difficulties of fossil, hydro, and nuclear fuel, as well as the debates concerning technology, air pollution and clear air provisions, and emissions trading, among other things.

This session aims to bring together emerging leaders from governmental, corporate, non-profit and academic sectors touched by the environment and development debate in Asia. It will attempt to generate plausible ideas as to the possible changes (both bilateral and multilateral) in current policies, measures, and programs, as well as an understanding of the actions taken by other sectors of society, that will meet the challenges posed by the need for environmental protection, economic development, and energy.

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