Past Program

Dec 05 - Dec 12, 2001

Community Leadership and Policy Change


One of the prerequisites of effective policymaking at both national and local levels of government is the need for active participation and involvement of citizen leaders. Policy decisions are usually best when they reflect the needs of the community and provide opportunity for community progress and enhancement. Effective and sustainable public policy changes require the involvement of all citizens, regardless of gender, economic status, educational background, ethnic origin. Organizations can play a major role in the mobilization and capacity building of citizen leaders to have an impact for the common good of their communities.


This session will bring together community/grassroots leaders with local, regional, and national policymakers to explore the relationship between inclusive community involvement and the impact on the development and implementation of good public policy. It will further examine the role of locally-based community/grassroots leadership in building and sustaining community organizations, drawing on the practical experience of those who have successfully worked to inform public policy with community experience. Special emphasis will be given to issues related to women and youth; barriers to effective participation; and effective tools to link community to policy formulation.


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