Past Program

Apr 09 - Apr 11, 2002

Sustainability, Education, and Management of Change Revisited: The Case of Asia 2


Bogor, Indonesia

The series “Sustainability, Education and the Management of Change in the Tropics” is co-convened by the Salzburg Seminar and EARTH University, in collaboration with Noragric (Center for International Environment and Development Studies at the Agricultural University of Norway) to explore the potential of innovative educational models to foster sustainable development in the tropics.

In preparation for the regional seminar to be held in Thailand in October 2002, an Asia Regional Advisory Team comprised of five Asians and representatives from the project Executive Committee has been established. This team has planned two mini-workshops intended to broaden awareness among stakeholders in Asia regarding the urgent need for change in tertiary agriculture and natural resources education. The first was held in April 2001 at Maejo University in Thailand, and was aimed at convening Asian stakeholders. In April 2002, the second mini-workshop will take place in Bogor, Indonesia and is directed primarily at Indonesian stakeholders.

The general objective of the Bogor workshop is to provide an additional platform for other stakeholders to participate in the discussion on agricultural education, sustainability and the management of change, and broaden the team of players who develop and implement strategies to move forward the agenda for change in education, in general.

Specific objectives for the workshop are to:

  • Bring additional stakeholders from differing perspectives into the discussion, strategizing and implementing actions that will initiate change in agricultural education for sustainability and managed change in Asia.
  • Discuss the role of agricultural and natural resources higher education in Indonesia.
  • Develop strategies on how to move forward the agenda on agricultural education, sustainability and management of change, parallel to the EARTH-Salzburg Seminar series process.

The discussions and suggestions of participants in this mini-workshop, and the prior workshop held at Maejo University, will serve as an important platform for the fourth seminar in the series to take place in Thailand in October 2002.

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