Past Program

May 11 - May 18, 2002

Sustainability, Education, and Management of Change in the Tropics - Jinja, Uganda



This series is co-convened by the Salzburg Seminar and EARTH University, in

collaboration with Noragric (Center for International Environment and

Development Studies at the Agricultural University of Norway) to explore the

potential of innovative educational models to foster sustainable development

in the tropics. The meeting in Uganda will be hosted by Makerere University.

The primary objective at this third seminar will be to analyze some of the

challenges confronting African agriculture and examine the ability of

innovative educational models to provide a means for sustainable


Specifically we hope to:

  • Identify, discuss and disseminate innovative educational practices that might enhance sustainable development in Africa;
  • Explore avenues for mutual learning and networking among people who are actually involved in deploying solutions; and
  • Identify and define new paradigms in education relevant to these issues.


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Photographs from the meeting in Uganda can be seen here.