Past Program

Jul 03 - Jul 10, 2002

Trends and Innovations in Health Professions Education: Building Comprehensive and Sustainable Reforms


In recent decades, healthcare systems have been scrutinized and criticized for failing to meet the real needs of communities. Key among factors cited as responsible for that dissatisfaction are the inadequacies of the education of health professionals, including a lack of concern for a holistic approach, and a focus on high-tech procedures to the detriment of a more humanistic approach to healthcare. For years, important health-related organizations have recommended that health professions education be restructured in order to train health care professional in the provision of more equitable, better quality healthcare.


This session will explore strategies for introducing and sustaining innovations in the education of health professionals through partnerships among universities, healthcare systems and other stakeholders, and through comprehensive curricular reforms. Through the analysis of success stories, including particularly successful Latin American initiatives, participants will discuss strategies for implementing innovative education approaches. Emphasis will be given to managing the processes of institutional change that lead to comprehensive and sustainable reforms. Participants will also explore strategies to inform policymakers and international organizations of the educational and systemic reforms involved in improving the quality of healthcare systems.