Past Program

Nov 30 - Dec 05, 2008

The Global Energy Fulcrum: Asian Development and International Response


Asia's galloping thirst for energy has fundamentally changed the global landscape, creating eastward shifts in the gravity of geopolitics, wealth, and consumption. And as Asian demand has skyrocketed, it has become clear that the awesome energy challenges facing Asia represent a central issue for the future of global development. With China fast on its way to becoming the world's leading energy consumer and the Indian economy tracking quickly behind it, governments across Asia are confronting the monumental task of expanding energy supply, increasing efficiency, keeping prices low, and securing access to valuable resources.


This session will examine the implications of Asian development on the global energy equation and will look specifically at the tensions between production and consumption-based economies. With oil prices at sustained record highs, surging forms of "resource nationalism" emerging in numerous countries from Russia to Venezuela and across Central Asia, and with Europe and the United States slowly rethinking their own energy strategies and policies, massive structural changes are underway in the global energy infrastructure. How these complex changes unfold, and whether the most serious challenges can be balanced-from energy security to climate change-will have a lasting and fundamental effect on the future of global progress, stability, and cooperation.


The fee for this session is 3,300 EURO. The fee covers the cost of the program, accommodations, and meals.

Limited scholarship funding may be available for those who are unable to pay the full fee (i.e. from developing countries or NGOs). Participants seeking scholarship assistance must submit an application for financial aid to our admissions office.