Past Program

Feb 02 - Feb 04, 2009

Democracy and Sustainability in Emerging Economies: India as a Case Study


India has been leading the world in the rapidity and extent of development in a democratic polity. What are the essential conditions which need to be in place to ensure that such development is sustainable, from the level of local communities through to the international community, and how can those conditions be democratically determined? How can emerging economies such as India minimize the environmental degradation and social dislocations evident in the paths to development followed previously in Western economies? In what ways can innovation in science and technology be encouraged to achieve this? What can be learned from comparisons with other emerging economies, especially China and its more authoritarian model? How can different sectors - government at various levels, business, civil society - best co-operate, or push each other, to ensure a sustainable future?

In an era of globalization, climate change, and now global economic slow-down, the answers to these questions matter not just to India but the whole world and will be one of the great tests of democracy in action. The aim of this conference will be to bring to bear on these problems the 'networked knowledge' of emerging leaders from India and other parts of the globe, and from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.


This seminar is a joint-effort of the Salzburg Global Seminar and the 21st Century Trust, in collaboration with The Environment Foundation and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and in association with TERI's 2009 Delhi Sustainable Development Summit.


The seminar will also include a site visit to one of the projects of the NGO 'Growth-for-all' in Delhi:


Venue: The Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi:


Timings: The seminar opens at 12 noon with lunch on Monday 2 February and closes with lunch at 1 pm on Wednesday 4 February.


Registration fee: Space is limited and places will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. The fee for this event is £50 and is payable online via our partner's website: All meals during the seminar are included. This is a non-residential event so participants will be invited to pay for their accommodation direct; a mid-price hotel will be recommended as our base, but recommendations of others in various price categories will be available.