Past Program

Apr 30 - May 03, 2014

New Dynamics in Global Trade Architecture: WTO, G20 and Regional Trade Agreements


In collaboration with the Korea Development Institute, this program will build on Salzburg Global's longstanding program focused on global economic challenges and governance. Following the Bali WTO Summit on the Doha Round and the anticipated completion of the TransPacific Partnership, the program will provide a neutral setting to advance five strategic goals:

  • Critically assess the Bali WTO summit's outcomes to identify future options and renew international momentum for the multilateral trading system;
  • Catalyze issue leadership to propose a strategic roadmap that can nimbly address critical challenges as they emerge;
  • Analyze the impact of large-scale regional trade agreements on the multilateral trade framework, including the TransPacific Partnership and the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP); 
  • Leverage G20 input through Australian participation early in its G20 Presidency, to help define a role for the G20 in the global trade landscape; and
  • Engage key countries in the Asia-Pacific Basin and Global South for inclusive leadership on trade governance.

The program will include government and business leaders involved in large-scale trade deals, including those seeking to secure WTO-level progress; WTO directors at G20 Ministries of Commerce/Trade (with priority placed on the inclusion of middle sized economies concerned about a level global playing field); leading academics and researchers; the International Chamber of Commerce; as well as globally influential journalists. Commissioned papers will be circulated to participants ahead of the meeting to provide a springboard for debate.

Participant Profile

To address these questions and propose concrete actions, we will convene 40 top-level policy makers and practitioners across the trade spectrum for an intensive three-day program, held under the Chatham House Rule, in the retreat atmosphere of Schloss Leopoldskron, Austria. Participants will be leaders and  emerging change makers from government, multilateral, research, business and investment institutions at the vanguard of global trade policies and applications, including representatives from the WTO, G20, RTAs and the International Chamber of Commerce and from countries keen to secure WTO-level progress, as well as civil society and the media.

Program Goals

This session will provide proposals and tools to:

  • Strengthen legitimacy, upgrade architecture, and renew international momentum for the multilateral trading system;
  • Build a pathway for more innovative strategy and timely implementation on critical multilateral challenges;
  • Recognize, disseminate information on and fairly  manage the impact of mega-regional trade agreements such as TTIP and TPP;
  • Leverage the G20 and regional fora to uphold multilateral trade as a global public good;
  • Engage key nations in the Asia-Pacific Basin and Global South for inclusive leadership in trade governance; and
  • Frame future direction on negotiations for a green goods agreement.


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