Past Program

Jun 26 - Jun 28, 2009

Salzburg Global Seminar Annual Board of Directors' Meeting 2009


The Board of Directors of the Salzburg Global Seminar convenes its Board of Directors Weekend in Salzburg from June 26 to 28. The weekend program and meetings consider a subject of interest befitting the international and intellectual scope and tradition of this institution. In addition to members of the Board, a distinguished group of former directors and guests join in these discussions.

The theme for the weekend is One World: Is there an emerging global civilization? We are pleased that Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and Sir William Castell, Chairman of The Wellcome Trust, join us as guest lecturers for this special occasion.

After Sir William's lecture on Saturday morning Mr. John Lotherington, Senior Advisor and Director of Seminars, will moderate a panel including Mr. Benny Tai, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong, a Seminar Fellow, and Ms. Halina Ward, Director, The Environment Foundation in London, a 21st Century Fellow.

A private tour of the Salzburg Festival facilities by Salzburg Festival Dr. Thomas Oberender, Director of Drama, at the Salzburg Festival takes place on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday morning's panel discussion moderated by Dr. Walter Massey, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Seminar is entitled Diversity, New Leadership, and the Empowering of Minorities. Panelists include Mr. Daniel Fung, Senior Counsel, Hong Kong Bar; Ambassador Stuart Holliday, President, Meridian International Center; and Ms. Fadime Örgü, Politician/Television Journalist in the Netherlands.