Past Program

Mar 26 - Mar 28, 2010

Global Labor Migration and its Impact on Asia


According to the New York Times, some 3% of the world's population lived outside their country of birth in 2005. While this single-figure percentage may seem rather minute, that 3% represents almost 190 million people, whose movement across the world's international boarders carries significant and diverse consequences both for the nations they leave and the nations in which they take up new residence. This Salzburg Global Fellowship event intends to examine a number of these consequences and the ways that these consequences play out in Asia, where booming population and economic growth intersect.

Some of the topics to be considered include:

  • Historic development of migration and its affects on the current situation: imperial legacies, history of inter-ethnic relations, and past migratory trends
  • The economic impact of labor migration on both sending and receiving nations: consequences of brain-drain/brain-gain, the impact of remittances on receiving economies, exploitation of foreign workers, and "ethnic entrepreneurship"
  • The social and political impacts of migrants on their chosen societies: increased nationalism and xenophobia vs. a potentially more cosmopolitan society and increased tolerance, demands on social services, etc.
  • The social and political challenges faced by migrants themselves: issues of integration and diversity, racism and other forms of discrimination, respect for human rights, and consequences for family cohesion
  • The impacts of the policies and actions of governments, businesses, NGOs, and international agencies in dealing with migration and its effects.

* the combined alumni of Salzburg Global Seminar and Fellows of the 21st Century Trust


Fee & Logistical Information:


The fee for this Fellowship event is 39 Euros. Transportation and accommodation costs are not included in this figure and should be arranged by Fellows themselves.

The program will begin at approximately 13:00 on March 26 and conclude at midday on the 28th. This event will be hosted at the University of Asia & The Pacific (click for approximate location), in Manila, Philippines.

Please contact Ian Brown, Manager of the Salzburg Global Fellowship, by email (ibrown(at) about registering to attend.

Payment of the 39 Euro event fee can be made via credit card (American Express, Diners, Mastercard, Visa) below. If you wou