Past Program

Jul 09 - Jul 16, 2010

Colleges and Universities as Sites of Global Citizenship


From July 9 - 16, 2010, the Salzburg Global Seminar conducted the 41st International Study Program on Global Citizenship. This program, for college and university faculty, administrators, and staff was held in conjunction with Bronx Community College, Houston Community College, the Louisiana Community and Technical College System, San Jose State University, Santa Monica College, and the University of Delaware.


Colleges and universities are vital institutions for addressing political, social, and economic concerns, be they at a local, national, or global level. While embedded in their communities, they contribute substantially to a nation's competitiveness and operate within an increasingly international environment that links people and institutions together across borders. Colleges and universities are arguably the most resilient and the most sustainable institutions not only for advancing modernization and prosperity but also for ensuring the foundation and continuance of civil society. As such, they are gateways into a future that is in our own hands.


This session will explore the factors that may either support or restrain a comprehensive approach to global education within American higher education institutions and to jointly develop strategies for those teaching and learning within those institutions on how they can incorporate a more comprehensive approach to global education.


Thanks to Chris Migliaccio from Miami Dade College for the photo of the globe.