Past Program

Jun 17 - Jun 22, 2011

Freeman Symposium: Strengthening Cooperation Between the US and East Asia


The 2011 Freeman Foundation Symposium will focus on several major areas of US-East Asian relations, starting with a broad assessment of the state of the Asia-Pacific region, key political, economic and security trends in East Asia and policy implications for the US. Participants will explore region's economic outlook and integration, trade and investment policies and cooperation with the US as well as major security arrangements and challenges. Further, the Symposium will devote significant attention to the rise of China, the country's strengths and vulnerabilities and implications for global and regional governance. Finally, participants address key global and regional issues such as climate policy and sustainable development, human security, media and education, and other issues.



We invite junior academic scholars as well as policymakers, media, and other experts from the United States and East and Southeast Asia in the mid-stages of their careers to apply to attend this program. These young faculty and professionals should be fluent in English and have the background and experience to participate effectively in a discussion that will cover a range of regional and global issues pertinent to US-East Asian relations.



Please apply online and provide your detailed CV with citizenship information as well as a 1-2 page statement explaining your work, research or professional interests in one or more of the topics indicated above, and in Asia-U.S. relations. You should also include the names of at least two referees whom we may consult if we need more information.



All conference fees, meals and accommodation costs will be covered by the Freeman Fellowships. This is a highly selective and competitive program, and final selections will be made by the Salzburg Global Seminar and its partners in early May.