Past Program

Nov 17 - Nov 18, 2011

Health, Healthcare, and Climate Change


The increasing risks posed by climate change have to be considered in most areas of public policy, and a particularly significant one for human well-being is health and health care. This will in turn be likely to impact upon societies and economies across the globe, though disproportionately in the South. We are gathering at Goodenough College on 17 and 18 November to assess and discuss these risks. All Fellows are welcome, from diverse professional and national backgrounds - specialists in the relevant fields, representatives from those many other sectors which may be collaterally affected, and concerned citizens.

Warmer climes will likely result in the expansion in range of infectious diseases. Migrants and eco-refugees will help to transport these maladies, and the shifts in population will strain health systems' human and natural resources in both the regions they leave and the regions in which they settle. Extreme weather events will have major implications for health as well as economies and societies in general. And since these threats certainly won't be contained easily at political borders, such health challenges are likely to also become global security challenges. In addition to inspecting the effects that climate change will have on health and healthcare, this event will also investigate the effect of the health industry's carbon footprint and ways in which its contribution to global warming can be mitigated. Finally, we'll also take a look at the correlation between healthy lifestyles and "green" lifestyles.

This meeting of the Salzburg Global Fellowship will give participants an opportunity to explore each of these issues in a series of plenary presentations and discussions as well as in small group discussions focused on the politics and policy frameworks needed to address this complex set of issues.


Thanks to the support of Goodenough College, and to encourage participation from a wide range of our Fellows, we are able to be flexible in the cost of participation. While we recommend a contribution of € 100 (£ 90), donations of any size (lower or higher) to help us meet our various costs will be greatly appreciated.  

Recommended Donation:
€ 100 (approx. £ 90)

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