Past Program

Jun 14 - Jun 19, 2012

15th Annual Freeman Salzburg Symposium on Dynamic Asia: Strategies for a Common Future


Vibrant economic growth and social development across East and Southeast Asia continues to shift the center of gravity in the world economy toward the Pacific. Asia is actively shaping its own future through increased regional trade and cooperation, and this in turn is triggering reassessment of its relationships with the United States and other nations. There is virtually no major global issue from climate change to energy security to trade regimes that can be addressed without the participation of dynamic Asia economies, particularly China. At the same time, the United States is seeking to revitalize its engagement with Asia and reassert an active, leadership role.

The 2012 Freeman Foundation Symposium will bring together junior academic scholars, policymakers, media, and other experts from the United States, East and Southeast Asia, and Oceania in the mid-stages of their careers for informed, comprehensive and frank discussion about the dynamic complexity of the region, and its key political, socio-economic and educational trends, forces of conflict and cooperation, and interdependencies in business and economic relationships. Participants will explore how evolving institutional arrangements can help shape a common, non-adversarial future in the Asia-Pacific and will examine steps to make US-Asia ties mutually constructive and beneficial.

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