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This session is by invitation only

"Microbes are not deterred by borders, and neither are we."

In an ever-connected world, the need to identify, prepare for, and deter outbreaks at the national, regional and global level has never been so important.

Ending Pandemics and Salzburg Global Seminar are convening an immersive, invitation-only program to advance a common framework for monitoring progress towards pandemic preparedness in every country.

We will explore a framework for measuring outbreak timeliness metrics that can help guide progress toward meeting the goals of the Global Health Security Agenda and ensure compliance with the International Health Regulations. This multi-sectoral meeting will include up to 65 participants  representing countries and organizations from around the world. 

The fully residential program held at Schloss Leopoldskron is designed to be more intimate, dynamic and collaborative than a typical conference. Rather than being just a space for speakers to deliver presentations and papers, Salzburg Global programs are designed to move participants beyond their “comfort zones” by being participatory, prompting candid dialogue and fresh thinking, and constantly in the search for innovative but practical solutions. 

Session Goals

This program aims to:


  • Review and finalize the outbreak metrics framework to account for lessons learned during pilot studies in 28 countries and incorporate meeting participants' feedback.
  • Identify key barriers to implementation at the national and transboundary levels and develop guidance to address these barriers.
  • Map concrete steps to align an outbreak metrics framework with key global governance initiatives (e.g. Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), Joint External Evaluations (JEE)).
  • Operationalize the outbreak metrics framework for prospective measurement in every country.

Participant Profile

Salzburg Global Seminar’s programs seek to bring together cross-sector and cross-generational change-makers to tackle complex challenges.

This program will convene experts including field epidemiologists, government and intergovernmental officials, NGO leaders, academics and researchers, representatives of business and industry, philanthropists and CSR officers, and journalists and media organizations.