Past Program

Mar 08 - Mar 10, 2011

New Rules for Global Finance: Which kinds of regulation are useful and which are counterproductive?


The recent financial crisis not only exposed many deficiencies in the financial sectors around the world, but threatened the very foundations of the global economy. Authorities in the US, Europe and Asia pledged to undertake a serious overhaul of their financial regulation systems and to cooperate better on the international level to ensure more effective supervision of cross-border operations and internationally active financial institutions.

With the Dodd-Frank legislation in the US, the financial regulation reform package agreed in Europe, and most recently the "Basel III" accord setting tougher global rules on capital requirements for financial institutions, the new regulatory architecture is now taking shape. The Seminar session in March will bring together regulators, bankers, economists, lawyers and other experts from different continents to compare notes on the implications of these reforms and to analyze and compare the decisions that have been made, assessing from different perspectives how far old problems have been solved and/or potential new ones created.

Participants will discuss how banks should react to the new regulatory framework, what it means for them, and how business is now being done in international financial markets. They will also address the issue of convergence (or non-convergence) between regulations in Europe, the US, and Asia; the role played by the G-20 and other institutions in creating effective global regulatory responses; and the challenges to international cooperation in the years ahead.

Salzburg Global Seminar is grateful to the Oesterreichische Nationalbank for their support of this session.


Andreas Dombret
Global Senior Advisor, Oliver Wyman; International Senior Advisor, Houlihan Lokey; former Board Member of the Deutsche Bundesbank
Doug Elliott
Partner, Oliver Wyman
Wenzhong Fan
Head, International Department, China Banking Regulatory Commission, Beijing
Charles Goodhart
Director, Regulation and Financial Stability Program, Professor Emeritus, London School of Economics, London
Haruhiko Kuroda
President, Asian Development Bank, Manila
Alexander Merriman
Head of Market Policy at SIX Securities Services, Zurich
David Min
Associate Director for Financial Markets Policy, Center for American Progress, Washington DC
Wolfgang M√ľnchau
Co-founder and Director, Eurointelligence, Brussels
Ewald Nowotny
President, Austrian Society for European Policy; former Governor, Austrian Central Bank
Kurt Pribil
Executive Board Member, Austrian Financial Market Authority, Vienna
Barbara Ridpath
Chief Executive, International Centre for Financial Regulation, London
Clifford Smout
Head, Center for Regulatory Reform, Deloitte, London
Rupert Thorne
Deputy to the Secretary General, Financial Stability Board, Bank for International Settlements, Basel
Krirk Vanikkul
Deputy Governor, Financial Institutions Stability, Bank of Thailand, Bangkok
Eddy Wymeersch
Chairman, European Corporate Governance Institute; former Chairman, Committee of European Securities Regulators, Brussels
William C. Eacho, III
US Ambassador, Retired,
Walter Rothensteiner
Chairman of the Board of Management of Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich AG., Vienna (invited)