Past Program

A breadth of skills approach supports and nurtures all parts of a learner’s development – from literacy and numeracy to social and emotional learning and cognitive skills – but this approach is not yet routine in classrooms or education systems, despite there being a compelling evidence base that shows multiple academic and societal advantages.

The second virtual meeting of the Education Policymakers Network will explore the importance of this approach and look at case studies from innovative and effective practice.

The Education Policymakers Network will connect policymakers from different countries to work, learn and innovate together. Launching in 2021, the network will help support and sustain education reform around the need to develop a breadth of skills – cognitive, creative, physical, social and emotional – in young learners.

Each of the virtual network meetings will hear from a guest speaker on a specific topic and will then look at the evidence of impact and existing policies around a specific reform idea.

An insights report will be generated from each meeting that can be shared across the network. The meetings will also be recorded so that they can act as a resource for the members after they took place. 

This virtual network meeting is only open to participants in the Education Policymakers Network