Who is funding this work?

The Education Policymakers Network is generously supported by the following organizations:

Why is Salzburg Global leading this work?

Salzburg Global Seminar is an independent non-profit organization founded in 1947 to challenge current and future leaders to shape a better world. Our multi-year programs bridge divides and expand collaboration to transform systems. 

We have a long history of driving forward new initiatives in the education sphere. From the Universities Project and Visiting Advisors Program that helped forge connections between academics and university administrators in post-Soviet countries and the establishment global citizenship education initiatives in colleges and universities across the US, to our decade-long-running Education for Tomorrow’s World series and the launch of the global alliance for social and emotional learning, Karanga, and most recently the pandemic-focused 2020 series Education Disrupted, Education Reimagined – Salzburg Global Fellows have been at the forefront of reform and innovation in their schools and universities, local and national governments and international bodies. 

All of our programs on the future of education and work are grounded in leadership, vision and values. We build networks for innovation and social change to fulfil our mission of leadership for a better world. Connecting and nurturing human capital through dynamic networks lies at the heart of our theory of change. 

Our commitment to leadership networks is demonstrated by our ongoing work in three successful partnerships in different sectors, all of which can generate insights and relationships relevant to the Education Policymakers Network. For more information about our other work with networks please see: 

Public Sector Strategy Network

Sciana – The Health Leaders Network 

Japan-India Transformative Technology Network