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Social and emotional skills are basic human capabilities that allow individuals to manage their emotions, work with others, and achieve their goals. SEL skills can be taught, improved, and measured using a blend of different approaches and technologies. They interact with and complement other skills, including academic skills.

Researchers and scholars in the Canada, Mexico and the United States are advancing SEL research and practices in pre-K to 12 and post-secondary education and assessment practices. Much of the impetus in post-secondary education is the need for increasing the range of measures to represent qualities and characteristics of student success. We assert that the growing demand for post-secondary education by increasingly diverse populations of students strengthens the demand for, and potential utility of, new SEL assessments.

While conventional indicators and assessments of literacy and mathematics are valuable in the admissions process, and for predicting student persistence and completion and career pursuits, colleges and universities are seeking ways to increase their rates of student success on each of these indicators. There is widespread belief that improving the assessments and expanding the use of SEL and affective development measures will contribute to the knowledge that institutions have about students and improve policies and practices that lead to higher rates of success.


Policy Notes

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Key Questions

This seminar aimed to examine how advancements in SEL research and assessment can be leveraged toward contributing to tertiary education, expanding opportunity, expanding knowledge of students’ needs for support, and improving student outcomes. Participants addressed the following:

  • What are the key student SEL experiences (classroom, co-curricular, home and work) that could be observed as students make their way to college, through college and beyond college?
  • How should SEL be packaged and promoted to colleges and universities for use in admissions, for persistence through college and beyond?
  • How do faculty, administrators and staff incorporate and make use of SEL into their efforts to increase student progress into college, through college and beyond?
  • What are the current SEL metrics to employ as students make their way to college, through college and beyond college? 
  • What are the SEL measurement issues that need to be considered?
  • Can technology help students to acquire - and maintain – the SEL skills they need?


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Press Clippings

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