Salzburg Statements

Salzburg Statements

Fellows of sessions with the Salzburg Global Seminar multi-year series,Education for Tomorrow's World, have repeatedly come together to co-create "Salzburg Statements".

While each addressing different topics specific to the program at which they were drafted, Salzburg Statements have two key purposes:

  1. To bring key issues from the relevant program to the attention of policy makers and people of influence
  2. To act as an advocacy tool for groups lobbying for change in their particular context around the world

Salzburg Statements from the Education for Tomorrow's World series include:

The Salzburg Statement for Social and Emotional Learning

The Salzburg Statement for a Multilingual World (available in 40+ languages)

The Salzburg Statement for Measuring and Evaluating Social and Emotional Skills

The Salzburg Statement on Realizing Human Potential through Better Use of Assessment and Data in Education

The Salzburg Statement for Quality Early Childhood Development and Education for all Girls and Boys

All Salzburg Statements are available to read, download and share. We encourage their disemmination and if you choose to share any of our Statements with a wider audience, such as at a conference, in an article, etc., please do let us know: email Dominic Regester, Program Director.