Past Program

Oct 03 - Oct 07, 2010

Optimizing Talent: Closing Educational and Social Mobility Gaps Worldwide


Education provides an essential key for opening the door that permits every individual to realize his or her true potential. Ideally, an equitable and effective educational system facilitates social mobility and leads to the growth, development, and increased prosperity of societies. While great strides have been made in providing greater access for children and young adults to high quality education worldwide, substantial gaps remain. The Salzburg Global Seminar (SGS) and the Educational Testing Service (ETS) will convene a seminar series to identify where these educational and social mobility gaps still exist, what effect they have, why they persist, and what can be done to eliminate them.



This first program in the series will be a strategic planning session. It will bring together twenty five leading educational researchers, policy makers, and practitioners from around the world to analyze successful and promising practices that have led to the effective narrowing of educational and social mobility gaps. Participants will map out the main issues to be covered in the ensuing seminars and identify the benchmarks for the overall series. Questions to be grappled with include: Why is mobility sustained at higher rates in some countries than in others? Where are educational expenditures having the greatest effect? What structures are allowing the most mobility and where is better and equitable access to excellent pre-school, primary, secondary, and tertiary education in fact being achieved? The creation of a global advocacy group "Optimizing Talent Worldwide" is a main goal of the series.


This session is being organized in partnership with ETS, the Educational Testing Service. It is a nonprofit institution in the United States dedicated to advancing quality and equity in education for people worldwide by creating assessments based on rigorous research.



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