Past Program


The Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program: The Future of Public and Private International Law is a one-of-a-kind program for students interested in international law and legal practice and careers in public service.

Lloyd N. Cutler was a Washington “super-lawyer” and counselor to two US Presidents. While Chairman of the Board of Salzburg Global Seminar, a position he held for a decade, Cutler convened international judges and young practitioners to discuss the rule of law and principles of judicial independence.

Successful lawyers across the world cite their Salzburg experience as highly influential in developing their legal philosophy, global networks, and career paths. Salzburg Cutler Fellows follow in these footsteps as lawyers pursuing careers in international practice with an abiding interest in public service.


Launched in the fall of 2012, the Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program was named in memory of Cutler, who strongly believed that one of the keys to progress was the early identification and mentoring of young leaders with a yearning to make the world a better place through law and the rule of law. 

Participant Profile

The Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program aims to build collaborative networks for human capital and leadership development within the legal and public service sectors.

In partnership with eleven of the top US law schools, 55 Salzburg Cutler Fellows are selected annually. The Fellows are at the 2L, 3L and LLM levels in their legal education. While all studying at US law schools, participants in the past four years of the program have hailed from across the globe, including Albania, Australia, China, Colombia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom, in addition to the United States.


“It gave me a really important chance to step back and think deeply about my career and about the  contribution that I hope to make as a lawyer.” - Daniel Patrick Allman, Class of 2015-16

Program Format

Over the course of the two-day intensive program, the Fellows and leading judges and practitioners will take part in a highly interactive exploration of cutting edge issues in international law, covering international human rights and humanitarian law; national security; international courts; rule of law; and international finance, monetary, and trade law.

As part of the Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program experience, each Fellow prepares and presents a research paper intended for eventual publication. Topics come from public and private international law in fields ranging from finance to human rights, free speech to the law of war. Intensive workshops connect the students with peers and leading experts. Some of the top law faculty in the world offer advice on how to make their argument most effective, and on how to succeed in getting papers accepted by journals in the United States and across the world. Additionally the students and experts explore traditional and nontraditional pathways to international law and public service, to align passions and maximize personal effectiveness. A lasting network is created, supporting ongoing interaction, with members at the forefront of international law for decades to come.


Multi-Year Series


The Cutler Center was established to continue the legacy of Lloyd N. Cutler (1917–2005). Under the Center’s auspices, the Lloyd N. Cutler Lecture on the Rule of Law is presented annually in Washington, DC, and features a distinguished speaker on a vital legal issue of international interest. Additionally, the Cutler Center convenes Rule of Law seminars in Salzburg, Austria and the Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program in Washington, DC.

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