Lloyd N. Cutler

About Lloyd N. Cutler

Lloyd N. Cutler (1917–2005), who has been described as the last “superlawyer,” had a brilliant legal career. A founder of the Washington, DC law firm, Wilmer Cutler & Pickering, and White House Counsel to two US presidents, he fulfilled the calling of a public servant over his lifetime as he was repeatedly nominated for, and accepted, appointments in Democratic and Republican administrations and a vast array of charitable, educational and legal organizations that he led and supported. 

He was a long-time champion of Salzburg Global Seminar, serving as chair of its Board of Directors for a decade. Believing passionately in the role that law plays in nation building, and in the ability of the law and legal experts to contribute solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges, Lloyd Cutler was able to attract to the Seminar high court judges from around the world. In addition, he was personally committed to ensuring that promising young international lawyers, academics and jurists had access at Salzburg Global to a rich variety of judicial traditions, international legal institutions and the international legal community at large.

Today, Salzburg Global remembers him not only for his intellectual brilliance, but for his commitment to advancing respect for the law as a tool for resolving the tough issues of our times.